Build a More Livable Stamford

We need to put traffic engineering front and center, developing strategies to improve how cars move through the city, connect neighborhoods better, increase use of public transportation, and make streets more walkable.

To ensure housing options for people who want to stay in Stamford or move here, my administration will offer incentives for builders to create more condominiums and townhouses for ownership, apartments with more affordable rents, and more units for seniors. We will collaborate with the agencies working to fill the high demand for deeply affordable housing.

Our parks are hidden gems, and they need to be nurtured. We must re-imagine our green spaces and waterfront to benefit all of our residents.

We must initiate a citywide campaign to clean up the trash from our roadsides and instill pride in our shared spaces.

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Press Release

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October 13, 2021


Contact: Dan Miller, dan@bobbyvalentine.com



Valentine stands for accountability and smart development


Stamford, CT -- Unaffiliated Candidate Bobby Valentine to make zoning a top priority on his agenda.


Thousands of apartments in Stamford do not meet fire, health, building or zoning codes. Streets are clogged with parked cars, forcing residents to park far from their homes.

“My opponent recently voted to allow more apartments in all single-family homes without special permit or public hearings,” said Valentine. “This type of actions by our legislators and members of Stamford's current Zoning Board are jeopardizing the integrity of some residential neighborhoods and they need to be stopped.”


Bobby is committed to opting out of Hartford’s zoning mandates, leaving the future growth of Stamford in the hands of local leadership. 


“Through proper leadership I will make zoning officials and residents work together on a smart-growth plan that balances neighborhood preservation with new developments,” said Valentine. “My administration will demand expansion that respects residential neighborhoods, and explores ways to incentivize home ownership.”


Bobby Valentine is a Stamford native and former professional baseball player who spent 25 years managing championship teams. He has a distinguished record of building and leading organizations. He opened his first small business in Stamford in 1980, igniting a transformation of Stamford’s downtown.  He is a former Director of Public Safety, Health & Welfare in Stamford.