Implement Zero-Based Budgeting and Make Government Responsive

Starting department Budgets from zero, rather than rolling over expenses from the previous year, then adding more, forces us to look at categories of expenses, whether they are necessary or whether those functions can be handled in a different way, identifying waste and inefficiency, and ultimately saving taxpayer money.

As the city’s first unaffiliated mayor, I will appoint people to boards and commissions without regard to political party and ensure that they represent all neighborhoods, ethnicities and economic backgrounds.

My administration will simplify the process citizens use to report problems to the city, improve responses, and ensure professional courtesy in city hall.

My administration will focus on ethical practices and adherence to department policies and ordinances in conducting city business. It instills confidence in the government and ensures that taxpayers’ money is spent properly.


Press Release

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For Immediate Release

October 8, 2021

Contact: Dan Miller, dan@bobbyvalentine.com

Bobby Valentine Stands Against Tax Increases

Stamford, CT -- Unaffiliated candidate Bobby Valentine is calling for the implementation of Zero-Based Budgeting in the City of Stamford.

In the last 8 years, property taxes for many Stamford residents have risen 20%, with the average homeowner now paying $10,000 per year.

“My opponent in this election voted in 2019 to raise taxes by $2 billion, or nearly $700 per family. If she's our next mayor, this kind of tax-and-spend thinking will continue....and we can't afford it,” said Valentine. “As an unaffiliated candidate, I am not committed to political spending priorities, and will carefully safeguard Stamford's financial health.”


Bobby has managed large and complex organizations since 1980, when he started a multi-state restaurant business. He was also the managing director of the Chiba Lotte Marines baseball franchise in Japan, and was Executive Director of Athletics at Sacred Heart University.

“I strongly believe that budgets should start at zero each year, and will ask all City department heads to justify costs and focus on eliminating waste,” said Valentine.

Bobby Valentine is a Stamford native and former professional baseball player who spent 25 years managing championship teams. He has a distinguished record of building and leading organizations. He opened his first small business in Stamford in 1980, igniting a transformation of Stamford’s downtown. He is a former Director of Public Safety, Health & Welfare in Stamford.